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Petrochemicals Production

It is the petrochemicals that enter all our life tools. It varies a little in its foundation and varies a lot in its uses, as it is included in medicines, food, agriculture, industry and household items.
So we provide raw products such as Methane, Ethylene, Propylene, Butanes, Butadiene and BTX.

We also provide the finest types of agricultural fertilizers.
Part of our petrochemical branch specializes in non-chemical organic fertilizers that seek to fertilize desert lands and convert them into arable land.
Because of our presence in the Middle East, we have a hand in providing all quantities of Phosphates, Urea and Ammonia.

We work to provide logistical services, freight services provided to our customers, to deliver all of their products to any place in the world, at any time and any form of conveyors and freight, whether in tanks, barrels or all forms of transportation

We operate as a fully competitive freight insurance service provider in all stages of business, and reliably for our oil, mineral and mineral traders. Wet and dry freight offices also function consecutively as profit centers in their own right, serving the company's customers particularly comfortably and at most value.

Our company, thanks to its agents and partners in many countries of the world, has experience and reliability that guarantees all types of shipping and customs clearance.
Your item is safe and secure, and arrives wherever you are.

Our financial transactions enjoy great flexibility through banks and official methods, we have many of our banking service providers, with multiple facilities and accreditations, allowing us the satisfaction in providing distinguished service to our customers in all its forms.

You can fill in the contact form and sooner than you can imagine, we will contact you wherever you are.

Eagles Oilfield Company is a limited liability company (llc), headquartered in the Arab Republic of Egypt and has more than one branch and a major partner in all directions in London, Dubai and Khartoum.

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