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We live and coexist within the Middle East region, in excess of 800 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The increasing discoveries day in and day out in the region about natural gas, and the entry of new international players to this field motivates us to empty the precious and valuable in order to contribute to the distribution of this wealth to all countries of the world seeking to develop different countries and countries in a way that guarantees for everyone a progress and development towards a better future
That gas is widespread in all the countries of the Middle East and the cause of many and many complications, which made us stand at the same distance from all suppliers, keeping in mind the consumer and serving him with all our strength, capacity and consideration.


Our natural gas division, which focuses on the Middle East as a producer and on all countries of the world in need of natural gas for development, as well as on all natural gas factories as primary consumers, has grown to meet the growing demand, as natural gas continues to expand its share of energy generation and consumption, As we are the most active gas service provider in many countries in Africa and Asia, we seek to strengthen our relations with all consumers who want a distinguished service and a good product in order to advance investment and development in different countries.



This market is characterized by many developments and infinite speed, so our company is striving with great power to obtain a large share in this market, which motivates our development partners to obtain many facilities and unprecedented services. In addition to our immediate services, we have multiple partnerships with many countries, banks and service providers to help us provide an unprecedented integrated service, as our customers can count on us in all types of instant and forward contracts, giving our customers multiple advantages that include cost, flexibility and efficiency.

We work to provide logistical services, freight services provided to our customers, to deliver all of their products to any place in the world, at any time and any form of conveyors and freight, whether in tanks, barrels or all forms of transportation

We operate as a fully competitive freight insurance service provider in all stages of business, and reliably for our oil, mineral and mineral traders. Wet and dry freight offices also function consecutively as profit centers in their own right, serving the company's customers particularly comfortably and at most value.

Our company, thanks to its agents and partners in many countries of the world, has experience and reliability that guarantees all types of shipping and customs clearance.
Your item is safe and secure, and arrives wherever you are.

Our financial transactions enjoy great flexibility through banks and official methods, we have many of our banking service providers, with multiple facilities and accreditations, allowing us the satisfaction in providing distinguished service to our customers in all its forms.

You can fill in the contact form and sooner than you can imagine, we will contact you wherever you are.

Eagles Oilfield Company is a limited liability company (llc), headquartered in the Arab Republic of Egypt and has more than one branch and a major partner in all directions in London, Dubai and Khartoum.

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